Friday, May 26, 2023

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A Clown's Life ~ The Dogs Bark & The Caravan Moves On  

 “In telling our stories community is created"  ~ Studs Terkel

Summer in Isla Vista between freshman and sophomore year


“a what . . . a mime class?? Jon I thought we were going to sneak

into the movies at intermission and watch ‘Woodstock’ again?"  

"Well, the teacher just returned from France, she was studying with  

Marcel Marceau, it’s only 50 cents.” 



                            Is the fish Okay ?

The little one, barely 3 feet tall and not really able to talk, “something, 

something fish, something ok?” 

Her mom interprets, “she just wants to know if the fish is okay?”
some more,  “poo fih . . . wahah?” “ Fish in the water?

Yes, I’m going to take the fish home and put it in the water.”

A nod, "okay."  


Becca lands a nice looking string of "Rubberhead" salmon

 as children have been doing all summer at Jimbo's musical

clown shows


Been Fishing Lately?