Sunday, October 23, 2022

Saga of the Tamale


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                                                  The Saga of the Tamale                                                  

       The Saga of the Tamale

In Mayan times The Special Three,
The Trinity were Beans and Squash and Corn,
Around the fire in fellowship,
These little gifts were born,
Though now our times are troubled,
And hope seems only folly,
Please sit down and join with friends,
To eat a good tamale.

                        * * * 
Another year has come and gone, 
The time has come to pass, 
For some the wheel has turned too slow, 
For others much too fast, 
We look towards the new year, 
With hope of dreams to last, 
Let's celebrate with friends and fork, 
This savory, sweet repast. 

                        * * * 
It's solstice time, the sun is low 
The winter moon has risen 
The light is clear, the days grow short 
Our gratitude is given 
The earth is cold, the air is crisp... 
Our season to renew 
Again we'll plant the corn that gave 
These sweet tamales blue. 

                        * * * 
On Solstice Day the Sun stands still 
Spray blows off the Winter Sea 
Our breath is white, 
We head for home 
A good hot cup of tea 
Tamales, chiles, corn and more 
Around the hearth we're cooking 
A slice that's quick, with knife so sure 
The chef's not even looking 
A hearty stew, Tamales Grand 
When they're cool, we'll peel the husk 
Pour on the salsa red or green 
And feast from Dawn till Dusk 

                    * * * 
As winter fades the sun returns 
Days and nights grow long 
Alas dear friend, 
The end draws near 
To our little song 
Look, spring returns, 
The swallows fly 
Back home where they belong 
We'll join again, sing loud and clear 
Our sweet tamale song 

Jim Murdoch lyrics & music c.2006

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