Sunday, March 6, 2011

from FolkWorld... and Fatea magazines...

"This 12-song CD strikes with one of the more lucid vocal performances I have heard. The voice is a resonant baritone with clear enunciation and a silky delivery. The music has American/Appalachian folk roots with a touch of country and worldly folk.
The second cut, “The Heart and the Feather”, features Turkish instruments such as cumbus and zils. So it is no surprise that this song stands out and is pretty spectacular. There is even some classical piano among the surprises for traditional fans that want the musicians to wander off the beaten track."
© David Hintz, FolkWorld

and from 'Fatea' magazine...

"There can't be many musicians that have had joint careers as traditional circus clowns, Jim Murdoch is one. "Yonder Shore" is a strange album, four traditional tracks and eight self penned songs. Even if you didn't know the traditional songs, it would be easy to pick them out. Jim's own songs are quirkey, the lyrics don't quite scan, they sound like they really need a campfire chorus to do them justice, the instrumentation a little twee, a little too hopeful and yet somehow I find myself strangely drawn to them. You know you shouldn't, but you just can't help it."

Fatea magazine is named after Morgan Le Fey of Arthurian Legend. In the Italian version of the legend, she is known as Morgana Fatea and as well as being an enchantress and an earth maiden, she was also a musician.