Wednesday, December 2, 2009

welcome to the new website

welcome, take a look around. I'll be posting now and again to give information about comings and goings and some thoughts about life.

The new cd which is titled 'Yonder Shore' is rolling right along. I'll be recording 3 new piano pieces next, 'Mother of Beauty,' a new vocal I've written accompanied by piano which is a first. A flamenco piano solo, 'La Ruisenor,' or the 'Nightingale' in the style of a soleares and a 16th century French Canadian folk song, 'L'amour de Moy,' which I first heard on a Hank Jones and Charlie Haden album, 'Steal Away' and which Paul Robeson recorded on an album entitled 'Live Performance at The Royal Albert Hall' August 10, 1958.

You can hear longer demo versions of a couple of the songs at the sonicbids electronic press kit,
* 'Lakes of Pontchartrain,' featuring my friend Lyn ‘Unihipili Hilliard playing Hawaiian slack key & 12 string guitar,
* 'Yonder Shore,' the title song
* 'Lovely Little Marley'
* 'Dusk & Dawn'

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